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to discipline students outside the walls of the classroom? it is interesting. that's what an indiana bill is proposing. >> the bill states quote a student may be suspended or excelled for engaging an activity off school grounds. that means on weekend, holidays, school breaks even on summer students can get in trouble. >> doesn't have to be a legal trouble either. that leads us to the question of the day out of school in trouble just a sign or over the line? >>> i am seeing this across the country not just in indiana. i have friends who are principals and they already do this. they kick kids out of athletic events if they see a drinking photo on facebook. to me let the parents do their job. i am not condoning any of the behavior kids do outside of class, but it's outside of school property. >> it's like throwing in the towel and saying parents aren't doing the job of parenting they should so we will take control of it. teachers and administrators have enough to worry about. >> how about educating our kids. how about upping the grades and improving academic performance rather than worrying
with disabilities at 1-800-974-6006. >>> this is a fox news alert. storms leaving trails of destruction in indiana, kentucky and ohio, killing at least 20 people. it could continue to rise throughout the night as we receive local updates, some of the worst damage in southern indiana, violent weather there killing at least 14 people, wiping one town off the map and tearing a roof from a high school just days after a storm system triggered dozens of tornadoes and left 13 people dead in illinois, missouri, and kansas. the death toll rising tonight with a violent tornado outbreak across the mid west and southeast. storms killing at least 20 people in indiana, kentucky and ohio. stay with fox news channel for more on this developing story. a. >> i'm not going to argue that point because it absolutely has validity and this may shock you, leslie, you are not saying something that's wrong. here is where you are going wrong, all right? >> okay. >> bill: planned parenthood gives out this stuff and a lot of other clinics that gives it out. if all of the progressives in america feel so strongly about this fun
was found alive in an indiana field. people thought she might survive but she did not. she subsequently died from her injuries. >> joseph babcock, his wife mariah and two of their children were killed in the tornadoes friday. their mobile home torn to sheds. 15-month-old baby found in a field drew national attention, she too became the platest victim sunday after she was taken off life support. the section of this indiana town wiped out along with an entire family. >> bill: check two, more problems for the chevy volt. the electric car is not selling well, production will halt for five weeks. doesn't help that the volt is being mocked on the net. >> the volt was the first car that truly got me excited and looking into the prospect of buying american again. >> yeah, i have heard they are catching on fire in some cases but i found that the fire really helps me get to my destination faster for fear of my life. also, people really move out of the way when giant hunks of metal are hurdling towards them. i'm really proud of what g.m. has been able to accomplish by working with the obama administrat
indiana, 17 delaware. these are the other winner takes allstate. they don't split their vote. >> while gingrich tries to gain steam the president is criticizing the former speaker's plan for $2.50 for gas. >> tell them we are tired of hearing phony election year promises that never come about. what we need is a serious sustained strategy. >> you didn't hear anything about congressman paul right there. he is going to be quiet today. no events planned. back to you. >>> meanwhile it appears that gingrich and santorum want one of the other out of this race, peter. is there any reaction from notably the gingrich plant about some whispers from the santorum people they need him out of this race? >> there's no indication from the gingrich people he has any plans of getting out. say santorum got out. there's no guarantee all of the people supporting santorum are going to immediately jump ship and support gingrich or vice versa. a lot of people might go support romney or somebody else. >>> that is a good point. it seems widely assumed if santorum gets out all of the votes go to newt or vice vers
? alabama, arizona, arkansas, colorado, florida, georgia, idaho, indiana, kansas, kentucky, alabama, north carolina, oklahoma, south carolina, tennessee, texas and wyoming. in vermont they allow the kids it paddle the teachers. it's a little liberal. it's the other way around. [ laughter ] i only have a minute. carlson, are you for or against corporal punishment in school? >> i don't think there is any place for this in school right now. especially in some of these states. some -- the parents don't even have to know about it before their kids might be paddled in 2012. >> bill: you say no corporal punishment and you say, tammy? >> i don't agree with it. >> i think every parent doesn't want their bureaucracy, a bureaucrat touching their child whether to he remove them from a campus to have an abortion or to beat them up. i think it's really about having it be in the parent's hands, it's archaic and needs to go. >> bill: i never laid hands on any kid as a former teacher. the kid is out of control, isolate the kid in the school and call the parents right away. get the parents in there and say
his guns registered in indiana would not be allowed in new york. >>> one driver in miami really paid for her i am patience at a g -- impatience at a gas station. she got so fed up waiting she swerved in front of a yellow hummer lost control and slammed into a gas pump. it exploded into a ball of fire. amazingly no one was hurt. >>> controversy over a design of a planned memorial honoring president eisenhower making it all of the way to capitol hill. chief washington correspondent james rosen. >> the most famous like the gooing enhimes museum have been fan it's cal works of structure and daring. frank gary hit a brick wall in his plans to honor a towering figure. >> acclaimed man the world over for his leadership. >> dwight d. eisenhower was not only the supreme allied commander during world war ii liberate tore of germany's consultation camps, but also america's 34th president for two terms builder of our national highway system, enforcer of school integration and steadfast cold war sentiment. on tuesday eisenhower's granddaughters conveyed to house resources subcommittee the family'
in states like virginia. north carolina and indiana. and tip those states into the democratic column though they weren't seriously contested in the two previous elections. >> michael what about the difference here? why do you i santorum can't close this gap? in ohio? he's supposed to do well in other river valley with blue collar reagan democrats he tried to appeal to next to his district in pennsylvania. yet, it doesn't seem like he is overwhelming in those area autos those areas have been population losing areas for years. and they're not necessarily a democrat it's a huge part of the population anymore. and i think it comes down to the fact that there have been increased turnouts. and some have been population growth. looking over the return, i see that you know areas like warren county, which is northeast of since since and i 71 the leading population in ohio, big increase in turnout. 67% this time. that was for the benefit of mitt romney. so demo graphy in a state like ohio, tends to work against rick santorum in this case. >> what are you seeing in terms of the lower socioeconomic cou
in wisconsin. 46 in indiana. 17 in delaware. 37 in maryland. these are the other winner take all states. they don't split their vote at the congressional district winner take all. >> bill: ron paul in good shape in all of them. maryland very liberal republic state it looks like decent shape. i don't have time to go through all of this. but it seems to me that the only candidate likely to drop out is newt gingrich. santorum is going to stay in until the end. paul hassing in else to do. -- paul has nothing else to do. >> his campaign may run out of doe. allegedson who. >> bill: he says he is not going to do it anymore. sheldon. >> how much money is left in that bank account. also, what happens next week. if newt gingrich does well in mississippi and alabama, it's going to rekindle at least the belief that he could be a -- >> bill: you see all four of them going into june. >> i see all four of them going march into april. i'm not sure i see them all in late april and in may. >> bill: all right. because that would be good for santorum obviously if gingrich drops out then conservatives coale
shanks for being have us tonight. if you are in mississippi, kentucky, indiana, tennessee, west virginia, national weather service asks that you take good care this evening. it could be a very rough ride. "the o'reilly factor" begins right now. >> bill: o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> without insurance coverage, contraception as you know can cost a woman over $3,000 during law school. >> bill: with the help of obama administration she is thought poster woman for government mandated insurance. should we the taxpayer be paying higher premiums for sandra's activities? we have a special report. >> i try remind folks, this is not class warfare,. >> bill: despite president's words, demonizing the rich is taken route in america. when did achievement become shameful? we will have a hard look at that ♪ turn the heat on me ♪ >> bill: karls jr., the hamburger franchise strikes again. what will your kids think about this? ♪ i like it hot. >> bill: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor starts right now. captions by closed captioning services >> bill: hi, i'm b
Search Results 0 to 22 of about 23 (some duplicates have been removed)